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Rental Amendment Approved: A rule change has been approved by a majority of homeowners that limits the number of rentals allowed in the neighborhood. Here's a link to the approved rental restriction amendment.

Next board meeting: May 11th at 7pm
(email board@hillcreekhoa.com for more info)

Problems, concerns, or questions about the association's covenants, rules, and regulations may be directed to manager@hillcreekhoa.com

Report street lights out at https://www.pse.com/outage/report-street-light-outage.

Report illegally parked cars to Milton Police: 253-922-8735

Hill Creek HOA is also known as Regency Woods Division 4.

You can follow us on Facebook or join us on NextDoor to get updates from the board.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HillCreek.FedWay
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Page last updated: 4/14/2023