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Architecture Control Committee (ACC)

Mike Caraballo
Melodie Shaver
Courtney Fujita
Monica Cannon

Download an ACC Form - required before you paint or change the exterior of your house.

Mail completed forms with a color sample to:
Hill Creek HOA
Attention: ACC
PO Box 1440
Milton, WA 98354

Or give your completed form and color sample to an ACC member or a board member.

Requests by email will not be accepted.


ACC Request Status

Lot Type of Modification Date Received Status
8 exterior paint 4/2/2022 approved
48 exterior paint 8/10/2021 approved
17 solar panels 6/9/2021 approved
70 roof replacement 11/1/2020 approved
5 front window replacement 10/17/2020 approved
26 roof replacement 10/1/2020 approved
06 painting 9/5/2020 approved
40A roof replacement 6/21/2020 approved
34 roof replacement 6/12/2020 approved
73 roof replacement 2/11/2020 approved
40A paint 8/19/2019 approved
94 paint 7/27/2019 approved
103 paint and roof 6/7/2019 approved
81 new roof 5/20/2019 approved
76 fence 3/3/2019 approved

ACC Committee Process:

  1. ACC request arrives at PO box, or is handed to ACC member or board member.
  2. Recipient of ACC request sends email to ACC@hillcreekhoa.com (which automatically sends to all ACC members, Lori, and the board), providing lot number, type of modification, and date received.
  3. Lori logs request in table above.
  4. Recipient gives request to any ACC member.
  5. If not approved, 1st ACC member discusses with homeowner.
  6. If approved, ACC member (1st signer) signs and gives request to another ACC member. 1st signer replies to email. Lori updates status on web.
  7. If not approved, 2nd ACC member discusses with 1st signer and then with homeowner.
  8. If approved, ACC member (2nd signer) signs and gives one copy to homeowner. 2nd signer replies to email (reply to all). Lori updates status on web.
  9. 2nd signer gives original to Lori for filing.

Page last updated: 4/15/2022